We are delighted to announce Dushey will be exhibiting at the inaugural Cannabis Investor Forum this October in the City of London.

Dushey Colombia is set to be one of the leading cannabis extraction companies in South America. The company has a 35,000 sq ft research, development and extraction facility near the Colombian capital Bogota.

Through strict testing regimes, Dushey supplies extracts including crude/hemp paste, cold processed, isolate and terpenes. width=

Dushey will be implementing state of the art Supercritical CO2 combined with innovations in the post-extraction clean process.

Dushey is operating towards a quality management system for both ISO 17025, ISO 9001 and working towards proper design, monitoring and control of manufacturing as part of a holistic good manufacturing process.

The company also has a farm covering 1,200 which it plans to bring online over three years following an initial assessment of growth rates.

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