Mediweed was originally established in 2002 as a discount system for medicinal cannabis users of the Dutch Experience Café in Bournemouth and has provided many other beneficial client services since. The idea came from a similar system running at three Coffee Shops in Haarlem Netherlands owned by Nol van Schaik.

Mediweed were the first to import and trade in well grown hemp buds and have been listed as a Ltd company since 2015. We are very proud to have a name that is trusted in the industry to supply a quality affordable product in an uncertain and difficult market.

Mediweed’s founder Jimmy ward has been a pioneer in the cannabis industry for over 2 decades. opening the 1st UK Cannabis seed bank selling cannabis seeds hemp wine and beer in 1996 and then going on to open a Cannabis information centre in 2002 which was featured in a BBC documentary. Furthermore, after many years of extensive research and development, the Mediweed team can now proudly work alongside reputable, licenced and regulated farms and facilities in the UK & Europe.

Mediweed has a policy that all of our products are EU approved with full traceability from seed to client including certificates of analysis and source of ingrediencies for our products. All of our CBD extracts are made in the EU and are then distributed across the UK and Europe.  To ensure our products are of the highest quality, we have an account with Canna laboratories in Spain who carry out the various test which includes the testing of full Cannabanoid strength, Terpenes, heavy metals & pesticides.

Mediweed are currently working with UK farms and businesses to produce hemp seed oil for the food and cosmetic industry. We are also exploring the uses of hemp fibres. Our aim is to continue working towards having a licenced facility to process and manufacture cannabis based medicinal products to the public and private healthcare sectors.