We are excited to announce Patrick Birley, CEO of the NEX Exchange, will be speaking at the Cannabis Investor Forum 24th October in the City of London.

The NEX Exchange was the venue for the first UK cannabis IPO and has been the main destination for cannabis companies listing in London since.

Patrick Birley has over 25 years’ worth of industry experience having held senior positions at a number of exchanges and financial institutions, including NYSE Euronext, the London Stock Exchange, LCH.Clearnet and the South African Futures Exchange (Safex).

Patrick’s vision for NEX Exchange has always been to create an exchange where companies can join a public market easily, cost-effectively, efficiently and, most importantly, with pride.

The Cannabis Investor Forum will be showcasing and debating the UK cannabis investment industry on the 24th October in the City of London. The one day event will feature keynote speakers, discussion panels and an exhibition. Please register for further information here.